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Beating the Quarantine Weight Gain During Covid-19

coronavirus Covid-19 virus weight gain

Like millions of citizens worldwide, you are probably at home, possibly stressed out, sheltering in place and like the old saying goes: "Idle hands do the devil's work". 

We all do it at one point or another but one of the most unfortunate by-products of stress and time is the urge to reach for snacks. This is obviously not the ideal scenario for anyone trying to lose weight or get in shape. 

Here are some tips to help you take control of the situation and make the best of your time in the house. 

1. Be Careful WHAT You Order Online.

The term "comfort food" is definitely well earned and it's the first thing that we reach for when we are stressed out.  Statistics have shown that people have actually gone back to many old habits during quarantine because panic buying usually calls for a lot of comfort food being purchased. Check your list before you buy and ask yourself if any items are being purchased because you think it will make you feel better and take it off the list. 

2. Be Careful WHEN You Order Online.

The time of day or situation is critical when you are ordering things online can really have a bad influence on your diet. Don't order groceries when you are hungry, if you are stressed out, if it's too late, or if you are under the influence. Wait awhile, your jeans will thank you for holding off. 

3. Set Some Ground Rules. 

Try to set some ground rules for yourself. Maybe you limit the times of day you go in the kitchen. Make a promise if you feel the urge to eat to ask yourself when you are in between meals if you are really hungry. Limit your food intake in bed or in front of the TV. Little things like this can go a long way. 

4. Use The HALT Method.

The old approach to addiction can apply here as well. If you are about to eat, ask yourself: 1.) Are you Hungry, 2.) Are you Angry, 3.) Are you Lonely, 4.) are you Tired. The first letters of each state spell out the word Halt. So, when you go to grab something to eat say "HALT" to yourself and if you answer yes to any of the questions try to be aware and give yourself some time to feel better and re-evaluate.

5. Be Realistic, Be Kind To Yourself, And Your Family.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a very stressful time for everyone, and we are all dealing with this situation. Try not to be too critical of yourself or others in your household and remember that its ok to have a snack here or there, just not for the wrong reasons. 

ThinScent products can aid you in reducing your appetite and be a good aid to trying to make sure that you avoid unnecessary eating during quarantine.